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The Story.  Selected articles from Press reports in July, 1947.
The Witnesses:  A look at the Stars of Roswell's Cast of Characters.
The Storytellers:  The writers and researchers who brought us the Saga of Roswell.
The Government:  Documents and Reports about the Incident from agencies of the US Government.
FOIA Papers:  Previously classified documents released under the Freedom Of Information Act.
Majestic- 12:  Conspiracy? Hoax?  See for yourself.


The Press.  Selected Articles from July, 1947

The Cast of Characters

  • Mac Brazel became a local celebrity after the publication of the Roswell AAFB news release.  Here is Mac Brazel's Interview with the Roswell Daily Record.
  • Bessie Brazel helped her dad Mac collect the debris.  So how come the researchers don't want to talk to her?
    The Problem with Bessie.
  • Maj. Jesse Marcel (here is a mini biography), by most accounts, was a good officer during his military career.  How good?  Well... let's just ask Jessie!  Jessie Marcel's Fantasies and Facts.
  • Gerald Anderson's story formed the basis of the book Crash at Corona.  Why don't the authors quote him now?
  • Col. William "Butch" Blanchard was the CO of the 509th, and you might think he would be extremely interested in any "alien bodies".  So, the question we have to ask is- "Where was Col. Blanchard during the Roswell Incident?"
  • Jim Ragsdale gave the Legend a tremendous boost with his stories of crashed disks and alien corpses and Trudy Truelove. So why doesn't Kevin Randle trust him anymore?
  • The famous Roswell Photographs remain the only tangible evidence of what Mac Brazel found-  and J. Bond Johnson was the guy that took the pictures.
  • As the Roswell AAFB PI officer, Lt. Haut penned the famous press release announcing the Capture of a UFO. He also helped found the UFO museum in Roswell.   True blue believer you say?  Lt. Walter Haut and his Memories.
  • With all those alien bodies, autopsies, caskets, secret flights... must have been an exciting time at the Roswell AAFB.  Right?   Capt. Kimball's Perspectives
  • General DuBose did not get a chance to relate his memories until he was 90 years old. Did he see the balloon, or not?
  • Frank Kaufmann's (aka Steve McKenzie) story, like many others, seems to get better and better over time.  Here's a little look at the evolution of Frank's role in the Roswell Saga. Update!  Researchers have finally been able to examine Frank Kaufmann's papers, and what they found may surprise you!
  • Glenn Dennis provided the first sensational tales to eager researchers.  What happened to "the nurse"?

The Storytellers

  • Robert Todd spent over ten years investigating the details other researchers overlooked.  What he found altered the Roswell Saga dramatically.
  • Stanton Friedman may be better known for his TV appearances than his book.  Here is a look at his story about Roswell.
  • Brad Sparks' commentary on Roswell precipitated an interesting dialogue with Stan Friedman.
  • UFO Researchers Kevin Randle and Donald Schmitt wrote two of the more popular books about the Roswell Saga.  Then Kevin was prompted into doing a little research on Donald!
  • In the book UFO Crash at Roswell, Randle and Schmitt report that all records of the Nurses stationed at Roswell during that fateful July have mysteriously, and ominously, disappeared! The Conspiracy? Or... was it something else.  The Missing Nurses of Roswell.
  • Anatomy of a Myth.   Kent Jeffery, once a strong supporter of the Roswell Crash, had to reverse himself after he had looked deeply into the evidence
  • "Kent Jeffrey and Roswell" by Stanton Friedman  Stanton got a little miffed when a fellow investigator suddenly reversed his support of the Roswell Saga.
  • Another miffed researcher takes issue with Kent Jeffery's questions. Kevin Randle responds to Kent Jeffrey.
  • There even seems to be a fair amount of disagreement among Roswell researchers.  In this Open Letter to Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman takes issue with Kevin's observations.
  • In 1998, Kevin Randle appeared on the IRC to answer questions on Roswell, Area 51, conspiracies, and other UFO events.  Here is a log of that session.
  • Donald Schmitt and Thomas Carey posed a number of questions on their Web Site.  Here are the answers.
  • Roswell was once a sleepy town, but now the UFO industry has made it famous.  Here is a perspective published in Forbes Magazine.

The Government

  • Congressman Steven Schiff (NM) demanded that the Government do a thorough search for all Roswell related records in 1994.  Here are the results:
    The Air Force Report on the "Roswell Incident"
    The GAO Report on Roswell

  • The GAO Report commented that some of the records that it looked for came up "missing".  Here is a look at that facet of the investigation.  The Missing Records.

  • In 1993, even the CIA got curious about what their own role had been during the 40' and 50's.  So, they did what all good government agencies do; they ordered The CIA Report.

  • If it wasn't a flying saucer, then what was the debris that Mac Brazel found?  One answer was it came from Project Mogul.  Here is the Air Force report on that project.

  • How in the world could a balloon be mis-identified as a UFO?   The folks in Circleville, Ohio didn't have any trouble with their "UFO"....right?  The Circleville Incident.

  • Because of its inclusion in many UFO books, the version of the Schulgen Memo most people see is a forged alteration of the real document! Here is the REAL Memo.

  • William Moore was the first to promote a forged version of the Schulgen Memo, and when Bruce Maccabee saw it, he thought he had found the "smoking gun".   Well... maybe not.  The Schulgen Memo Exposed.

  • The fake Schulgen Memo.  Download images of them here.
    Page One   Page Two   Page Three   Page Four   Page Five   Page Six

  • Here's a .PDF file of the REAL Schulgen Memo.

The FOIA Papers

  • The Air Force composed this Top Secret report to the Joint Intelligence Committee on the rash of UFO sightings in the late '40s. Report by the Director of Intelligence, USAF.
  • Frank Kaufman (aka Steve McKenzie) tells an exciting story about his efforts to track the UFO with the The Radars at White Sands Proving Grounds and the radar at Roswell AFB.  These memos would seem to indicate otherwise.
  • One of the possible explanations for all the UFO sightings in the late '40s was experimental aircraft.  Here is a report by Army Intelligence in Berlin on the German Flying Wing.
  • General Twining's memo to Gen Schulgen expressed the concern of his command regarding the recent spate of sightings.
  • The Walker Memo.
  • The Smith Memo came close to being the "Smoking Gun".  Then someone thought to look into the background of Smith.


  • When Bill Moore, Jamie Shandera and Stanton Friedman revealed the existence of the MJ-12 documents, many thought the proof had been found at last.
  • Here is a transcription of the MJ-12 briefing document.
  • One of the many MJ-12 documents that have been "leaked" over the years is the Operations Manual.   Here is what some researchers have to say.