The Roswell Incident and the Government  


The Roswell Incident is a classic example of the
 "Perfect Government Conspiracy"

  • The 509th stationed at Roswell Army Air Force Base was the only Nuclear Capable air wing at the time- a fact that conspiracy addicts never tire of pointing out. 
  • Jesse Marcel was Head of Intelligence and Sheridan Cavitt was with Counter-Intelligence at the Roswell AAFB-  titles that smack of spies and secrecy.
  • The Debris is suddenly whisked off to HQ.
  • Higher-ups in the Pentagon start flashing off urgent requests for information.
  • The FBI and CIA become interested enough to send off cautionary telegrams.
  • Wreckage that originally was identified by an Intelligence Officer as a "flying disk" is later officially reclassified as a harmless weather balloon (Yeah, right!).
  • Many records from the Roswell AAFB were later destroyed or "disappeared".

And the above is just what really happened!   Later, we have stories of Black Operations, the Majestic-12, super secret hangers at Wright-Patterson (or, was that Area 51?), midnight autopsies... and on and on.   All the stuff that any good student of a Gummint C'spiracy loves to thrash around in. 

Many argue that while some of the later revelations might be hoaxed, there is still sufficient evidence that a massive cover-up was concocted in a matter of hours.  They point to the eventual Official Air Force Explanation that a test flight for the secret Project Mogul was responsible for the balloon train- a secret operation that was not reclassified until the '80s.  Why, they ask, did the Air Force wait so long to reveal the existence of such a "harmless" operation?   Why did the Pentagon in 1947 suddenly become interested in gathering information about "flying disks"?  And why did the government and the Air Force destroy many of the records?

Of course, the strongest proof of the existence of The Conspiracy is the
Official Government Denial that there is, or ever was a conspiracy!

Collected for this site is some of the research and reports done by various government bodies over the years.

Also included is the now famous Schulgen Memo, both the real version and the faked version.

You should also look at the information collected from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, as well as the controversy surrounding the Majestic-12 (or MAJIK) papers. 

You won't find a "smoking gun" here, but you will be able to study the evidence that many researchers have collected over the years.