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Like the proliferation of books on the Roswell Saga, there are dozens of websites devoted to the Roswell Incident.  Using the terms "Roswell"  and "UFO" in any web search engine will get thousands of hits.  Here is a listing of some the sites we have found interesting.  Some of these support the Crash Theory, while others are openly skeptical.  Check them out, and decide for yourself.

(At the time this page was revised, all links below were active.  If you discover a broken link, please notify the webmaster.)

Tim Printy's Outstanding Site- Well worth a long read:

Tim Printy has picked up where the late Phil Klass left off with his quarterly newletter SUN-Lite. This is a Must Read for anyone interested in the UFO phenomenom.

The Skeptical Inquirer and the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal (CSICOP).  It does not matter if you're a Skeptic or a Believer- this is a site that must be visited!

Robert Scheaffer's  "a thing cannot be 'debunked' unless it is filled with bunk to begin with!"  He has an extensive UFO section.

The Arch-Debunker himself-  Phil Klass! Another must-read if you are really serious about studying UFOs

New Mexicans for Science and Reason- From Roswell Country, here is Dave Thomas's site.  Chemtrails, Bible Codes and Evolution are just some of the other subjects covered here.

From the archives of the now defunct OMNI Magazine, some excellent articles on Roswell.  Don't miss Paul McCarthy's piece on The Missing Nurses of Roswell.
The Missing Nurses
(Note: The Omni Archive site is now a sucker URL for a Porn site run by Penthouse! The link above will take you to an recovered copy of the Omni article.)

Jan Aldrich's very comprehensive site- Project 1947

Albuquerque Journal on Roswell- Good collection of articles.

The Black Vault: A large archive of documents obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.

Everything from the Silly to The Strange.

For one of the less informative Roswell sites on the Web, visit the pages of Donald Schmitt and Tom Carey- Ace Roswell investigators.

For an interesting- and revealing(!) interview with Donald Schmitt.

Kevin Randle's Blog.  Always interesting, and covers a lot more than Roswell.

Stanton Friedman's Site.  There are some interesting articles... and a lot of things Stan wants to sell you!

Dennis Balthaser's Roswell Site

Majestic12: The Wood's site.  If you buy into the existence of this super-secret organization, then this is for you.

The International Roswell UFO Museum and Research Center

Jeff Rense's site.  If it can be classified as "weird", you'll probably find a discussion here.

This has nothing to to do with UFOs: Simply one of the most fascinating sites on the Web!  Make this your Home Page.

A MUST VISIT site for all UFO addicts: the Hastings UFO Society's very comprehensive site on UFOs
(Warning- you'll get lots of pop-unders at this site!)'s Roswell Section

The BBC maintains a huge information site about most any conceivable subject.  Here are its UFO pages.

With the death of Supreme Commander James Mosley, the archives of Saucer Smear got a little lost. They've been rescued, sort of, by UFOTV. Simply the finest, and funniest, UFO publication ever!

No trip through the realm of UFOs would be complete without a stop at

For the NSA UFO documents:

For the FBI FOIA documents:

For the CIA's FOIA Archive on UFOs

The Air Force FOIA Site
The Executive Summary to the Air Force report on the Roswell Incident
"The Roswell Report: Case Closed".  This is the official report of the Air Force's investigation into the Roswell Incident hoopla.

Royce Meyer hates those that would seek to profit from bogus UFO reports and "research". claims to present a "Scientific Study of the UFO Phenomenon...".  Although the site does not appear to have been updated much since 2008, it still has an interesting mix of articles, photos, and reports, with a decidedly international flavor.

UFO Updates once was the meeting place for UFOlogists from all over the world.  It was "mothballed" by Errol Bruce-Knapp at the end of 2013, but this site has an archive of 18 years (over 90,000 submissions!) of sometimes very lively discussions.  Good place to see how many researchers approached the UFO question.

The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).  One of the organizations that is most active in promoting the UFO hypothesis.

Computer UFO Network (CUFON)-  Fairly good UFO site.  Thankfully avoids the neurotic tenor that many other sites exhibit.

The Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) Site

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

From the Museum of Unnatural Mystery, their UFO pages:

The City of Roswell, New Mexico