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This is "Beta Edition" of A.A.R.E. - the Aerial Anomalies Research Exchange. We are dedicated to providing a forum for UFO researchers that seek to investigate sightings and events in a thorough, scientific manner. 

Mystery Mountain- Copyright Matt Graeber

 While we are Under Construction, you will probably find that there are still some pages we have not yet completed, and some links that are not yet active.  We apologize for these "holes".  Please check back here occasionally, as we will be adding, updating and improving this site on a regular basis.

The first articles to grace this site are:
"Fate of Crash Supposition"...  By Matt Graeber
"A Second look at an Old UFOlogical Problem"... By Matt Graeber
"The Carbondale Chronicles" ...  By Matt Graeber
"Earth(Quake) Lights"... By Wim Van Utrecht
"The Evolution of a Roswell Witness"... By Bruce Hutchinson