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In the increasingly polarized world of UFO-ology, most of the attention lately seems to be directed to the extremes-- with staunch UFO proponents on the one end, hard core Skeptics on the other.  Much less attention is paid to those UFO researchers who regard the existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations as very possible, but maintain a healthy skepticism in their research into reported UFO sightings.

Alien Expressions by Matt Graeber

Like it or not, the field of UFO research occupies a niche of the broader spectrum of The Paranormal, and no formal training is required in order to become a "UFO researcher".  Thus many of those in this field became researchers based solely on their passion, and their techniques lack the broad, questioning approach that investigations of this nature should require.

Reports based on heavily biased research generally are wide open to critical analysis, and this often leads to brutal exchanges that further exacerbate the gulf between Proponents and Skeptics (Debunkers!!).

Perhaps as a result of this emphasis on extremes, today most UFO-oriented publications tend to accept articles only from hard core proponents-or hard core skeptics. They seem to have little room for the researchers and writers that inhabit a fertile middle ground. 

For that reason, the Aerial Anomalies Research Exchange was created.

The authors that are (and will be) featured in A.A.R.E. take a more critical approach to their investigations, NOT to debunk, but to insure that all aspects of the case are covered and to apply thorough research and analysis to the event.  Not all may agree with this approach, or with the conclusions, but we hope that these articles will, at the very least, inform the reader.

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