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I had penned a three-part article for AARE some time ago concerning the 'Fate of the UFO Crash Supposition'. Since I rarely surf the net, only recently did I realize the piling-on effect it had sparked, for in that piece I explained how the Aztec, N.M. UFO crash hoax and fraud of 1948 had become the format for the resurrection of The Roswell incident, which had occurred a year earlier. Even with all the facts and many historical records putting the stories to bed in the late forties and early fifties, both long-dead stories have resurfaced (like a fatal attraction) as “viable” UFO crashes-- promoted by many self-appointed UFOOlogists who even have the dates of the alleged incidents wrong. So much for UFO investigative expertise!

Use your search engine to look up Aztec. N.M. UFO Crash of 1948 and then, of 1949. Note: the array of alleged crash dates. Note: how the William Steinman / Wendelle Stevens investigation at Aztec often begins the posts and how they tend to completely ignore, skirt and conveniently omit mentioning the charlatan Professor Carr's popular Aztec/Roswell version of 1973, and the '50's criminal court records which prove beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt two long-time conmen were convicted in the Aztec saucer hoax/fraud they had perpetrated.

It would be laughable if it were not for the unsuspecting and gullible young people who are being swayed by all the nonsense posted on the dreaded ‘net. Even BUFO (that's Burlington UFO Paranormal Radio), which I ripped apart over their outrageous claims on the Carbondale, Pa. hoax of 1974 (which I had personally investigated), are now pushing Aztec as an authentic crash case. Of course, they are also pushing ghost hauntings, haunted house tours and psychic advice on an array of concerns. Oh yes… they also offer a prayer service for seniors with emotional, physical and spiritual needs, not to mention a wide array of saucer and alien-related novelties like printed tee-shirts, baseball caps and colorful key fobs. When in Burlington, Wisconsin, be certain to dine at the alien eatery which is owned by BUFO's founder and owner/operator.

The reason for this renewed surge of crash absurdity is obviously the financial gain and the ego promotion which many of the self-appointed experts seek with their outlandish saucer posts and sales pitches. So, the trick is to write outlandish books... the juicer the better! Don't be fooled by these UFOOlogists! They do offer romantic, exciting and strange stories, but, they also provide absolutely no proof of the story’s reality. So, why should anyone with two or more active brain cells believe a word they say?

I have been labeled an 'arch-enemy' by one "expert" and I take great pride in the title! It may be far too late for them to wake up and smell the coffee. There is absolutely nothing wrong with their noses, except their minds are often filled with the over-powering scent of a 'will-to-believe' that trumps traditional common sense!

So, be advised you are merely book fodder and sales pitch targets. This is the sad state of contemporary American UFOlogy . Don't become a victim of the myth-- there are much better things to believe in... like yourself!

Matt Graeber: 5-19-2010