The Credits  


The construction of this site is the culmination of much effort by countless researchers and numerous interested individuals.   Obviously, the efforts of The Storytellers and Researchers such as Robert Todd, William Moore, Stanton Friedman, Kevin Randle, Donald Schmitt, Timothy Good, and many others cannot be underestimated.   Without them, the Roswell Incident would have been just a forgotten blip.   Much credit must also go to the research and reports done by various government agencies.  But most of all we would like to thank the many contributors to this site.  Without them, we could not have collected and presented this information.

The idea for Roswell Files was spawned by the countless threads The Roswell Incident once caused in Usenet Newsgroups such as alt.alien.visitors, alt.alien.research and sci.skeptic.  (Unfortunately, these Usenet groups no longer serve to debate the UFO question, having been taken over by individuals that have no interest in the subject.  The visitor can still pore over the debates by researching the archives at  It was obvious over the years that some Usenet denizens (both Believers and Skeptics) had done their homework, and the spirited debates seemed to go on forever.  It seemed a shame that their work would not be published in a more permanent venue.

It was equally obvious that there were many who attempted to argue their points based not any personal research, but on emotions and their need to believe in UFOs and the Great Conspiracy.  They would argue vociferously, yet were woefully ignorant of the vast amount of evidence gathered (either Pro or Con) regarding the single most researched and written-about UFO incident ever.

It is to all these people that we give all the credit for the creation of the site.  Visitors are encouraged to visit Usenet archives, such as Google, to acquaint themselves with the discussions that were the inspiration for this site.

Of course, it is in the nature of some that they have to have someone to blame (or praise!) for the content.  All flames, critiques, corrections, vitriolic abuse, gentle chiding... as well as congratulations, loud applause, kudos, and kind words... should be directed to .

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed the presentation.

If you would like to contribute an article for this site, or expand on any of the information presented, please feel free to .  We are always looking for more points of view, and ways to expand on the saga of the Roswell Incident.