The Freedom Of Information Act Papers  


UFO researchers have been one of the most persistent groups when it comes to demanding release of classified documents concerning the government's interest, activities and knowledge of UFO related matters.  To date, hundreds of documents have been released, but to the chagrin of UFO conspiracy buffs, nothing has been turned up that might be considered the "smoking gun".

You can access all released documents at any of the various governmental and military web sites, or check out the best central repository that I know of-:  The Black Vault.

We have included on this page documents that relate to Roswell Saga.  Not included here are any of the Majestic-12 (or MAJIK) papers.  MJ-12 is not part of any FOIA release, but researchers have inundated every office of the military and government trying to find proof of its existence, making it the one of the more popular FOIA requests.

Even the GAO got into the FOIA game when it conducted a thorough search at the behest of Rep Schiff (NM).  

  • The Air Force Intelligence Report is the result of a thorough internal study of the UFO excitement, and the activities of Project "SIGN" and Project "GRUDGE".
  • This is the summary report from the AFI Report above.
  • The Radars of White Sands Missile Testing Grounds was where the intrepid Frank Kaufman recalled he pulled 24 hour watches monitoring a "wave" of UFOs. He also said he saw the breakup of a UFO while monitoring a radar at the Roswell AAFB.  What radar??
  • General Schulgen sent out a memo to senior commanders asking them to report on any UFO activity, and any thoughts that they might have on the subject.
  • General Twining's reply to Gen. Schulgen that is often misquoted.
  • Lt. Col. Walker of Army Air Force Intelligence sent this memo to his European command to track down rumors of German interest in a strange aircraft configuration during WWII.
  • Army Air Force Intelligence tracked down the Horton Brothers, who had been working with Messerschmitt to develop the Flying Wing Aircraft
  • In 1950, W.B. Smith wrote this memo in which he stated that "UFOs are real", and that the government knew it..  He also spent a lot of time waiting for the "Space Brothers Topside" to come down and visit him.