The Walker Memo  


(This is a transcription from the original memo.  As much as possible, the original format has been preserved.)

Lt Col Walker sent this memo out to his field commands in response to the Letter from Gen Twining. This order for a discreet investigation eventually reached the Berlin office of the Army's S-2 (Intelligence) branch. The Berlin Office was able to track down and report on the war-time and post war activities of the Horton brothers, who worked with Messerschmidt during WWII to develop the Flying Wing.


APO 159
10 November 1947

SUBJECT: Flying Saucers

To : Commanding Officer
Bayreuth Sub Region
Nurnberg Sub Region
Wurzberg Sub Region
Bamberg Sub Region
Regional Technical Specialist


1. Considerable material has been gathered by the Air Materiel Command, WRIGHT FIELD, Ohio, concerning the appearance, description and functioning of the object popularly known as "Flying Saucers". A copy of the report from the Air Materiel Command is on file at this Headquarters.

2. The opinion was expressed that some sort of object, such as the flying saucer, did exist. At the present time, construction models are being built for wind tunnel tests. It is further suspected that the flying objects may have been developed from original plans and experiments conducted by the Germans prior to the capitulation. Headquarters, 970th CIO Detachment, European Command is desirous of locating German Aircraft specialists and test pilots who might have some knowledge of similar aircraft. It is requested you canvass your area for possible identity of aircraft specialists or test pilots known in your area with such knowledge. This canvass is to be made discreetly and to conceal our interest in the subject. If any are located, a copy of the Air Materiel Command report with specific EEI's will be forwarded to permit further interrogation and test of knowledge.

3. This canvass, both of files and sources of information, should be begun as soon as possible. Your initial report is due this Headquarters by:


Suspense Date
12 Dec 47

Special Agent CIC