Schmitt & Carey's Questions Answered  


Quotes taken from: ROSWELL: 52 YEARS OF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS By Donald R. Schmitt & Thomas J. Carey unless otherwise indicated.

These "questions" originally were published by Kevin Randle and Schmitt.  After the split between Randle and Schmitt, Don teamed up with Tom Carey, another UFO researcher, and they re-issued the "52 years..." under their names in1999.

Despite the sometimes gross misrepresentations that are contained in these "questions", they are often repeated by many pro-ufo sites.


"After personally examining samples of the material, why did Brazel’s neighbors encourage him to report the crash for the $3,000 reward reported by the press for physical evidence of a flying disc and not for the standard $5 balloon reward?"

Let's see... $3000 vs. $5.00.  Tough choice.

Then we have Loretta Proctor and her husband not personally examining the samples of the material in 1979 as reported in The Roswell Incident. But, in her 1990 affidavit, she suddenly handled the samples herself! So, Schmitt and Carey are simply using the version that fits their conspiracy claim.

Could it be that Loretta's earlier recollections are more accurate?

Peer-reviewed research indicates that memory is very prone to change. We have Loftus and the Kennedy Assassination experiment which shows how much memory can change in just ten years.

"It has also been shown that repeated questioning may lead individuals to report memories of events that never occurred."
( American Psychiatric Association, Dec. 12, 1993)

"Literally thousands of studies have documented how our memories can be disrupted by things that we experienced earlier (proactive interference) or things that we experienced later (retroactive interference)....The new, post-event information often becomes incorporated into the recollection, supplementing or altering it, sometimes in dramatic ways. ... misleading post-event information can alter a person's recollection in a powerful ways, even leading to the creation of false memories of objects that never in fact existed."
(Loftus, E.F. & Pickrell, J.E. (1995) The formation of false memories. Psychiatric Annals, 25, 720-725)


Let's get back to Schmitt and Carey:

"How did the highly trained and experienced military officers of the famous 509th atomic bomb wing, the first and only nuclear strike force in the world at that time, mistake a conventional weather instrument for an object they all, without exception, concluded to be an actual 'flying saucer?' "

Possibly because no one knew what a flying saucer was at this time. Remember, they had just been "discovered" by Kenneth Arnold barely a week earlier.

August 1947 Gallup Poll   "What do you think these saucers are?"

"No answer, don't know       33%
Imagination, optical illusions, mirages, etc.      29%
Hoax 10% US secret weapon, part of atomic bomb, etc.    15%
Weather forecasting devices      3%
Russian secret weapon        1%
Searchlights on airplanes       2%
Other explanations       9%

Total 102%"
(Adds to more than 100% because some gave more than one answer.)

"Guesses ranged all the way from practical to miraculous. Among the later was a woman, citing biblical text, who said it was a sign of the world's end. A man in the West thought the discs were radio waves from the Bikini atomic bomb explosion while another man saw in them a new product being put out by the 'Dupont people.'

"A few people smelled a publicity or advertising stunt, while others felt sure that the saucers were after all only some kind of meteor or comet."

This is backed up by the Twining Letter, the Schulgen Letter, the Top Secret Analysis, etc.

So, since they didn't know what a flying saucer was, it could be anything at all.


More nonsense from Schmitt and Carey:

"Skeptics who believe that it was a special radar-reflecting balloon..."

No one has ever suggested that it was a special radar-reflecting balloon. It was a sounding balloon and a radar reflector. Two different things entirely.

" ...from Project Mogul have said that the civilians, the base commander, Col. William Blanchard, the head of intelligence, Marcel, and all the other officers at Roswell were unfamiliar with such specialized equipment. Marcel, however, had a radar interpretation officer assigned to his office. He would have been able to recognize the balloon, even if the others were fooled."

A radar interpretation officer would be totally unfamiliar with a radar reflector used by MOGUL. Newton, the meteorological officer called in by Ramey hadn't seen one for two years. Not since the invasion of Okinawa. They were used for high altitude research and for gun-laying.

Neither of those uses would be known to a radar interpretation officer. Just what do Schmitt and Carey think a radar interpretation officer interpreted?


Still more from the dynamic duo:

" Even considering Mogul, balloon materials consisting of Neoprene rubber, reflective foil, wooden sticks, masking tape, and balling twine still comprised such a device—materials easily identifiable by even a child."

But they wouldn't know what the purpose of these were. No one knew what a flying saucer was. And neoprene plastic was a relatively new material developed during WWII.  It is highly doubtful that "a child" of the '40s would be overly familiar with this material, much less the average adult of the era.


But, Schmitt and Carey persevere:

"What type of balloon and instrument package could scatter debris over an area three-quarters of a mile long and create a 500-foot long/10-foot wide gouge in the tough high desert country of New Mexico which consists of little topsoil and mostly shale and slate stone?"

500 feet long, 10 ft wide gouge?

Funny, Marcel told Stringfield that there wasn't a gouge!  Mac Brazel never mentioned a gouge. Bessie Brazel Schreiber never mentioned a gouge.

And three-quarters of a mile long? You'd think they might have noted that!

"One thing I did notice – nothing actually hit the ground bounced on the ground. It was something that must have exploded above ground and fell."
--Jesse Marcel; Pratt Interview

"The rubber was smoky gray in color and scattered over an area about 200 yards in diameter."
(Mac Brazel in Roswell Daily Record - July 9, 1947)


More nonsense from Schmitt and Carey:

"After he was found at the home of Walt Whitmore Sr., majority owner of radio station KGFL in Roswell, on the morning of Tuesday, July 8, why was Brazel held in detention at the base for another seven days?"

After he left Whitmore's home, Whitmore escorted him to the offices of the Roswell Daily Record!

"Brazel was brought here late yesterday by W.E. Whitmore, of radio station KGFL, had his picture taken and gave an interview to the Record and Jason Kellahin, sent here from the Albuquerque bureau of the Associated Press to cover the story"
(Roswell Daily Record - July 9, 1947)

Funny- the newspaper or the Associated Press didn't say anything about all those military police!


Schmitt and Carey go on:

"Why the need for extreme security measures at the crash site of a downed meteorological instrument? Measures such as: armed guards surrounding the inner gouge area,...

This is the gouge area that Marcel said didn't exist.

" another cordon around the perimeter, riflemen posted on the surrounding hills, and MPs stationed on the outlying roads from Saturday, July 5, through at least Thursday, the 10th.

"Why were there seven confirmed (possibly eight) flights to transport the remains of a balloon? Most of the wreckage was flown out under high security July 5–10 . . . rather extreme treatment even within the confines of the top security base in the world at that time."

Such extreme security measures?  Marcel didn't see any, and neither did Capt. Kimball

The exact opposite happened;  Life at the base was quite normal.

  • On July 8th, they had the Eighth Air Force Competition Inspection Team in to make the competition inspection.
  • Also on July 8th, they had the ammunition inspection done.
  • On 9 July, they had S-4 inspected.
  • On the 10th of July, they had visitors regarding Quartermaster Stock Control.

This is at the same time that Schmitt and Carey are claiming that all of these other things are going on and the base is under extreme security. The base was operating quite normally.

  • How come none of the pilots knew of any of these special flights or of any unusual security?
  • The GAO, unlike Schmitt and Carey, didn't find any evidence of these flights, nor of anything unusual at all.

Here's Schmitt and Carey again:

"If the object was nothing more than a weather balloon, or even a Project Mogul device, why would Colonel Blanchard set up operations at the recovery site? As the commanding officer of the 509th Bomb Group, Blanchard would have had more important duties."

S & C should be asking why would Blanchard take leave during this time- if it was an alien spaceship? It is known that he did. He drove up to Santa Fe to be there when the governor signed the upcoming Air Force Day proclamation!

Now why would he do this if (as S & C claim) his base is under extreme security?

Furthermore, according to Lt. Haut, the PIO, when Blanchard got back from leave he mentioned that they had shot themselves in the foot with that flying saucer nonsense. He told them it (the weather balloon) was from some project over at Alamogordo. This was before Todd found out about MOGUL. Why did Blanchard tell his officers this at his first staff meeting if they has seen all this super-duper high security? They'd know it wasn't the truth.


S&C continue:

"Why was farmer Sherman Campbell and the local sheriff in Circleville, Ohio, able to immediately identify the Rawin (Mogul) target device that crashed there on July 5, while no one in Roswell could? In fact, the Campbell family was even permitted to keep the balloon the Air Force currently claims was so secret."

Absolute nonsense! The Air Force doesn't claim it was secret at all. An ML-307 was unclassified as are sounding balloons. Project Mogul was classified Secret, but the NYU project used un-classified materials, such as the ML-307.

And how were they able to identify it? Perhaps because that wasn't a pre-production prototype and had a nomenclature plate saying what it was, and that it was manufactured by Case Mfg? Unless Schmitt and Carey are now going to claim that alien spaceships are made by Case Mfg?

And Schmitt and Carey conveniently lose sight of the fact that the Circleville radar target was brought in as a possible explanation for all of those flying saucer reports! Even after they read the plate that told them what the device was!


Schmitt and Carey's nonsense continues:

"Why was the debris of a weather balloon, as identified by Warrant Officer Irving Newton, displayed in Brigadier General Roger Ramey’s office different from that of a Mogul balloon device? The new Air Force theory describes painted floral symbols on masking tape used to reinforce the radar kite in an effort to explain hieroglyphic-like characters on I-beam structures as portrayed by witnesses. Even under high magnification none are evident in the photographs taken in Ramey’s office at Fort Worth (Carswell) Army Air Field in Texas."

Despite what S & C say, the displayed- and photographed- balloon isn't different than a ML-307.

And why did Marcel say that he was posed with some of the less interesting real debris?

It wasn't a radar kite, either. It was an ML-307 radar target.

The RPIT is saying that the hieroglyphic symbols are visible, Schmitt and Carey say they aren't.

Marcel said that they didn't take the photos of that part of the debris. But Marcel said that they did photograph him with the real debris. The debris that they photographed with him was that of a sounding balloon and a radar target!


This is the highly verified Roswell research we hear about!